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With lots of projects on Google Analytics, you know how tedious it is to switch between them just to check how much traffic they are getting.

You just want to know if a website is growing over time.

Digest Analytics allows you to check the most important analytics of many projects at once.

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What is Digest Analytics?
Digest Analytics is a tool to check your analytics data of multiple projects at the same time. Instead of switching between different projects, which takes several clicks, you can just have a comprehensive overview in a single page.
How does it work?
Thanks to the Google Analytics API, we can access your websites analytics data. You need to have some websites on Google Analytics of course, otherwise this tool is not for you.
Can I receive an email with the digest of your websites analytics?
This is a pro feature, we are working on. You can support the development of this by purchasing the Pro version.
Do you store any of my data?
We don't store any of your data. But Google does since you are using it.
Why some website properties are not visible?

GA4 properties are not supported yet, but we are working on it. For now only only Universal Analytics (UA) are supported.

How do I log out?
Just refresh the page, you will be logged out. We don't store your data.
I have a feature request, bug to report, how can I communicate with you?
Just leave your email in the form below, you will be contacted as soon as possible. I will be happy to hear from you.


Google Analytics it's the most popular analytics tool for websites.
It's free so you can use it on all your websites and project.

But it's also very complicated to use as it has too many different features and options.
Digest Analytics helps you to have a comprehensive overview of your websites and projects.

The product is still in beta but you can start using it right now.
I am looking for people to join the beta and give me some feedback.
In the future we want to introduce a periodical email to notify you about your websites.
You can support the development by purchasing the Pro version.

Pro Features



For quickly check how your projects are going.

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Weekly Digest
  • Telegram notifications
  • Limited Websites
  • You are using this


$9 / month

For most businesses that want an overview on all their website.

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Weekly Digest
  • Telegram notifications

  • 30 days free trial

Join the beta / waitlist:

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